Double the Fun with Duo Escorts!

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Welcome to Duo Escorts, the web site all about hiring two escorts and having way more fun than you could with one! Could you imagine having two very much bi-sexual escorts who just love each other, and you! The fun that you could have is off the charts and so very much worth doing, you can plan your sexy threesome now with your duo escorts!

Ask most escorts what their favorite type of date with a client is and they are sure to say a duo escort date. For the uninitiated I feel I should explain what a duo escort date is and a little bit about myself. A duo escort date is one where a client pays for the time of two girls at once rather than just the one. So the lucky guy will get the attention of two girls at once, be that to watch them together or to have fun as a threesome or usually, a little of both!

My name is Crystal and I am an escort. I have been an escort for the last three years and absolutely love the lifestyle it gives me. It is not just the money though, it is also the opportunities to go to great hotels, world class restaurants and west end shows. I also get to meet some really interesting people and obviously, get loads of sexy fun.

When I was first asked about duo escorting I have to say I was not sure. I had only ever been with men and had never really given it a though about going with another woman. I was asked by someone at the agency I worked with if I fancied giving it a go and being a girl who likes to experiment I said sure but told them I was a little apprehensive. They suggested that I meet up with another of the escorts and her friend who would show me the ropes and see how I got on.

Now I began to think about it and I started to get more and more turned on at the thought. The escort I was going to meet was Hannah and she had a friend called Paul who we would go and have some fun with. Hannah was a stunning brunette with olive skin and a fantastic body. We met in a bar for a drink and then went back to hers. Paul was due to arrive about an hour later and Hannah suggested we get to know each other first.

What she did to me that day sent me wild, I orgasmed like I have never orgasmed before and then when Paul did eventually arrive I got a second wind and we had some amazing good times. That was it, I was ready for duo escort dates and all the additional fun they provide.